About Bioelectronica

Bioelectronica is a rapidly growing and unique startup in Reno, Nevada. The company is developing Hypercell, a discovery platform to accelerate pharmaceutical discovery and our fundamental understanding of Biology using computer vision.

Green cells
Bioelectronica Team Photo

Our Team

Our team is comprised of seasoned, world-class technical talent in the areas of systems engineering, cell biology, and wet-chemistry, with a long history of working together to create value for our shareholders.

Our Story

After achieving entrepreneurial success in California’s Silicon Valley and contributing to the next generation of DNA sequencing, Roger Chen founded Bioelectronica with co-founder Jonathan Hull. Biolectronica is building cutting-edge tools that use computer vision, biochemical reagents and consumer electronics to accelerate drug discovery.

In January 2020, the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening selected Bioelectronica’s Hypercell technology platform as the most innovative new product from around the globe that is “going above and beyond in their advancements of life sciences technologies.”