Hypercell® Platform

Hypercell® is a revolutionary platform technology designed to expedite biopharma discovery and scale up workflows.  The system detects and sorts single cells by secreted biomarkers using proprietary computer vision algorithms. Hypercell is the first system to use computer vision to sort single cells by their secreted Biomarkers, which enables high throughput and high viability functional assays.

Hypercell utilizes electro-select chips containing 16 channels for cell identification and sorting based on secretion. Using computer vision, it allows for separating complex/mixed samples into populations of cells that secrete your desired antibody in the format of dark clusters for high secretion to low or none. Our computer software can be set with specific criteria for high purity requirements or high throughput requirements to suit your specific needs. 

DR-S Kit

Our bench-top system and DR-S consumables can accelerate and simplify the drug discovery process by identifying and isolating high anybody producing single B cells.

DR-N Kit

Our bench-top system and DR-N consumables can accelerate and simplify the cell line development process by identifying and isolating high antibody producing single CHO cells to increase the resulting titer.

What sets Hypercell® above the rest?​



Cell Types

B Cell Antibody Discovery

Perform direct single B cell screening with no hybridoma fusion. Find your functional cells of interest faster and accelerate your drug discovery process with Hypercell.

Hypercell’s Specific Detection Reagents (DR-S Caption), enables rapid detection and sorting of single cells, including primary B cell screens. Find high secreting antibodies faster while reducing the cost of bringing new therapies to the clinic. Hypercell enables direct B cell and spleenocyte screening, avoiding hybridoma screening, in two days vs. three weeks.

Cell Line Development

Cell Line Developers Hypercell Non-Specific Detection Reagents (DR-N Caption), enables rapid isolation of high producing cells following transfection.

An example of CHO Cell Line Development for mAb production is illustrated here.

Antibody Discovery using Hybridoma Generation

Hypercell is the future of B Cell Screening.

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White Paper

Innovations in Sorting Cells by Secreted Antibody and Titer

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Hypercell Overview
Sort single cells by secreted biomarkers quickly using Hypercell’s